Do you only find your voices when we push back? – Hannah Bissiw to Peace and Christian Councils

The National Women Organizer of the National Democratic Congress has expressed shock at calls for the party to reconsider their calls for self-defense of their supporters.

The Christian and Peace Councils have called on the NDC to be calm and have faith the security services after they called on their members to defend themselves from the brutalities they are suffering at the hands of the New Patriotic Party during the voters registration exercise.

Dr. Hannah Bissiw however says the call is misdirected and misinformed.

She said the Peace and Christian Councils should redirect their energies towards calling on the NPP to stop their brutalities.

Dr. Hannah Bissiw was speaking in an interview with Sena Nombo on the Gold Power Drive.

She said it was unfair for the two organizations to find the full strength of their voices only whenever the NDC starts pushing back.

“Is when we start pushing back, when you speak,” she stated.

The NDC Women Organizer said the call should “be to the one who is brutalizing, not the one who is brutalized.”

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