COVID-19 cases in schools “no news”; students will write their exams – Dep. Health Min

A deputy Minister for Health Bernard Okoe Boye has refuted calls for the closure of schools in the wake of the increasing cases of COVID-19.

According to him, the brouhaha over the COVID-19 cases is unnecessary because their tertiary counterparts went through the whole process and have safely returned to their homes.

Bernard Okoe Boye was reacting to calls for the closure of the schools on Ekosi Sen on Asempa FM.

The three major Teacher Unions have backed such calls and argued that the school environment has been dominated by fear and panic hence not conducive for learning and teaching.

The deputy Health Minister however says there is no need to close the schools.

He said COVID-19 cases being recorded in the various schools is “no news.”

Bernard Okoe Boye said calling for the closure of the schools is akin to calling for the closure of workplaces because they have also recorded cases.

He has indicated that government is committed to ensuring that students complete the timetable for which they are in school.

Story: Sena Nombo/

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