Your $200million plot failed; Ketu South is still Ketu South – US based Financial analyst

A US based Financial Risk Analyst Richard Ahlijah says the just ended voters’ registration exercise failed to achieve its aim which was suppress Ketu South votes by targeting purported “Togolese” registrants.

He said the build-up to the exercise started in 2015 when the then Running mate of the New Patriotic Party Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia claimed to have detected thousands of Togolese on the Ghanaian register.

Richard Ahlijah told Sena Nombo on the Pro-Forum Hour the motive for the registration was betrayed by President Akufo-Addo’s cousin Gabby Otchere Darko’s tweet questioning the number of registrants that were in the Ketu South constituency.

A few weeks to the voters’ registration exercise the government deployed soldiers to Aflao and some border towns to “combat COVID-19.”

Residents of Ketu South and some border communities in the Volta region subsequently accused the soldiers of intimidating and assaulting them in addition to interfering in the Voters registration exercise.

Some Aflao residents also alleged that some soldiers invaded their houses and assaulted them with the excuse that they were harboring Togolese.

Financial Risk Analyst Richard Ahlijah believes comments attributed to leading members of the NPP and the actions of soldiers and police deployed to some areas betray the real agenda behind the exercise.

He said the anti-Ewe agenda was so widespread Voltarians in other regions were not spared.

Richard Ahlijah said despite these actions Ketu South’s voter numbers are still strong.               

He however believes the new register is not credible because of the poorly policed vouching system.

Richard is of the opinion that there is a need to review the current register in the future.

He said the government has wasted close to $200million on a futile exercise.

Story by: Sena Nombo/

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