Duplicate Ghana cards: Ex-NIA Boss questions efficacy of Authority’s system

Former Head of the National Identification Authority Osei Kwame Griffiths has blamed the biometric system of the authority for the high cases of duplication that has placed the ID card issuance process.

Social media has been awashed photos of duplicated ID cards of some registrants with different serial numbers.

The NIA has also disclosed that it has discovered over 30,000 duplicates in the system.

Osei Kwame Griffiths however tells Sena Nombo on the Gold Power Drive, the duplicate ID cards he has seen are clear evidence that there is something wrong with the authority’s system.

According to him he would have concluded otherwise if the duplicate ID cards bore the same serial number.

The former NIA Boss says the development is worrying because it shows that the so-called superior system of the NIA cannot carry out the simple process of de-duplication efficiently.

He called on the leadership of the NIA to rectify the difficulty as soon as possible.

Source: Radio Gold Power Drive/Radiogoldlive.com

Sena Nombo | Radiogoldlive.com

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