Why Parliament’s new Chamber project was dropped

The Parliamentary Service Board says its decision to take the development of a new chamber block out of its present agenda was occasioned by its review of representations by well-meaning Ghanaians.

The decision to put on hold the planned new and larger chamber project, according to a statement issued by the Public Affairs unit of Parliament, was taken at a meeting held on Monday, July 8, to consider the burning issue.

“The Board, has, upon reviewing representations made to it by well-meaning Ghanaians, accordingly taken the development of the new Chamber block out of its present agenda.

“The development of the Parliamentary enclave and a new Chamber block and offices shall however, remain an essential and integral part of the future plans of the Legislature, in a bid to provide a strong, accountable, responsive and transparent parliament to serve the purpose of Parliament”, the statement signed by Kate Addo, Ag. Director Public Affairs said.

The issue has been topical since it emerged last week that the house was contemplating a new and bigger chamber to accommodate all persons who must appear before parliament. The public has been divided over the propriety or otherwise of the project.

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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