You don’t need Interpol Red Notice: you know Mr. Foster’s house address – former UK Crown Prosecutor

The Director of External Affairs of the National Democratic Congress Alex Segbefia has described the much-publicized “Interpol Red Notice” of the Special Prosecutor as part of a game plan to embarrass former President John Mahama.

According to him, the government of Ghana knows the residential address of the purported fugitive Samuel Adam Foster and can ask the UK authorities to apprehend him based on the extradition treaty between the two countries.

The former UK Crown Prosecutor believes government did not need an “Interpol Red Notice” because Mr. Foster had not evaded arrest.

Stories of an “Interpol Red Notice” issued for the arrest of Mr. Foster in connection with allegations of bribery have dominated the Ghanaian news media over the past few days.

Mr. Foster is alleged to have collaborated with a public official to ensure European giant Airbus got the contract to supply three aircraft to Ghana’s military.

Alex Segbefia says Ghanaian authorities especially the Special Prosecutor “must be aware that it is forlorn hope that the UK government would extradite the three named persons.”

According to him, the facts that formed the basis of the notice emanated from a UK court and wondered why a country whose court has dealt with and settled a matter and not see “it fit to proffer any charges against them” arrest the same persons for another government.

“He is not considered a flight risk so no restrictions have been imposed on him and he has not been asked to hand over his passport,” he stated in a write-up.

He alleged that the recent stories over the Interpol Red Notice are connected to the elections.

Alex Segbefia cited a story that was recently published in UK based Sun newspaper as further evidence of a calculated ploy.

“It is interesting how recently the scurrilous story found its way onto the front pages of the controversial Sun newspaper in the UK. Individuals behind that publication are suspected to be closely tied to the family of Akufo-Addo,” he stated.  

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