The puzzle of the Ledzokuku Military invasion and the Desktop Computer that can do voter registration

The National Democratic Congress in Ledzokuku has been left puzzled by the invasion of the Office of the party’s Parliamentary Candidate Ben Ayiku.

The party is particularly surprised by the reason for the invasion and the items that were confiscated as evidence of the alleged act.

The police who came in to purportedly calm the situation, ended up detaining the NDC Constituency Secretary and Chairman.

The whole incident has left a tongues wagging as to how a Desktop Computer can be used for voters registration.

The incident has attracted the attention of the Regional executives of the NDC who are demanding the release of the detained.  

Julius Neequaye Kotey who spoke to Sena Nombo on the Gold Power Drive said the entire incident began with over ten military officers surrounding the office of the NDC Parliamentary candidate.

Julius Neequaye Kotey said when he got to the scene, the military officers refused to allow him access to the office of the NDC Parliamentary candidate.

He said after forcing his way through with the help of some of onlookers, he found Ben Ayiku locked in his office at gunpoint in the company of some traditional leaders of Ledzokuku.

The reason for the excessive show of force according to the soldiers was “orders from above.”

The soldiers said they were ordered to surround the office to stop an alleged illegal voter registration in the office of the NDC PC.

He said the military officers initially attempted to whisk away Ben Ayiku but were resisted by party faithful.

The NDC Ledzokuku PC’s office is located within a shopping center within a fuel station.

The fuel station is owned by Mr. Ayiku and has served as the nerve center of his campaign.

The soldiers allege that the office was being used for voter registration and told the NDC candidate they had “orders from above,” to arrest and bring him to National Security for interrogation.

According to Julius Neequaye Kotey, a civilian referred to as George led the soldiers.

He said George insisted the Desktop Computer being used by the shopping center was being used for the voter registration.

After spending time going through the Desktop Computer in question and finding no proof of the registration, Julius Neequaye Kotey said “George” directed the military to confiscate the computer.

In addition to the Desktop Computer, daily records from the Electoral Commission were also seized but Julius Neequaye Kotey said they took video and photographic evidence of the items that were confiscated.

Story: Sena Nombo/

Sena Nombo |

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