Big English has not developed any country; I will make technical education to university level free – John Mahama

The Leader and Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Former President John Mahama has been making a strong case for his decision to make Technical, Vocational Education free.

The initiative according to him will cover TVET students from the basic to Technical University.

“I am proposing free technical, vocational education training for any child; so all the children who opt for technical and vocational training they should have free access until they reach Technical Universities,” he clarified

The initiative is one of several the former President has indicated he will undertake if elected to steer the affairs of the country from 2021.

Addressing the Chiefs and people of Akatsi South Constituency in Akatsi, former President John Mahama said TVET holds the key to the development and progress of Ghana.

He said evidence of the potential of TVET abounds in the history of developed countries across the world.

“For the countries that have developed they have developed not because long grammar English education, they’ve developed because of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. If you go to Germany and other places, it is the dressmakers, plumbers, welders, technicians who are carrying the German economy on their shoulders not those of us who speak long English and write big, big grammar,” he argued.

Former President Mahama believes the job market has diversified and favours skilled labour trained through Technical and Vocational education.

“The new jobs that are coming in Ghana are not that long writing. The civil service Osaafo Mafo said is full so they are not looking for new civil servants. Companies are looking for trained technicians, civil engineers, building technologists,” he lamented.

He said the current focus on grammar education cannot move the country towards the progress that the country sought.   

“We must reform our education so that we can provide skills to our young people because when the Children finish secondary school they have no skills so if you are looking for tradesmen you can’t take them unless you retrain them. That is why we must make a clear route in technical education training,” he explained.

Former President John Mahama believes free Technical and Vocational Training is key “to create the manpower that we need to be able to move this country forward.”

Story: Sena Nombo/

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