Following the numerous revelations over the PDS scandal, Government officials have attempted without success to exonerate the Akufo-Addo led administration from what is clearly becoming a huge embarrassment to the Nation as a whole.

In an attempt to cover up the complicity of Government officials, the NPP Government has recently announced a so called investigative team to further probe the matter, making mockery of themselves and insulting the intelligence of over 27 million citizens 

I strongly condemn in no small measure this shambolic attempt to cover up officials whose negligence and complexity has resulted in this unprecedented scandal on an industrial scale.

Firstly, why has Government failed to secure the services of accredited Audit firms such as KPMG, PWC, Ernest and Young, etc, who have international reputation for conducting an independent and professional forensic investigations into matters of similar nature till date?

Government must indeed be afraid of the outcome of such investigations, knowing the implications especially with the American government’s level of keen interest in this scandal

Questions that have begun to beg for answers are for instance, who is the chairman of this opaque investigative team and who are the members of the team, what are the terms of reference and what are their timelines. 

Who is this team particularly investigating? The current NPP administration cannot feign to be a victim when obviously it is an accomplice in the issue at hand.

It is important to stress; The Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) is a Government of Ghana organization established by an Act of Parliament (Act 702, 709 & 897) as amended. 

The Authority has the prime aim to oversee, manage and implement the programmes under the Compact Agreement signed with the Millennium Challenge Corporation of the United States Of America.

From the records, MiDA has not only failed but has demonstrated a lack of capacity and candor to independently deal with this unfortunate spectacle which is now an albatross on government’s neck

The critical question however is how can a Government that has been so complicit in this scandal from the onset turn around to investigate itself. Where did they ever witness that, are these the apostles of competence?

This Kangaroo committee is only a smoke screen and nothing good will come out of it if allowed to function. The taxpayers’ money will be further wasted in this cover-up exercise

Already, the Government has demonstrated a lack of commitment to deal with this matter by compromising the investigative  processes.

It is surprising to note that PDS, the company accused of perpetuating FRAUD as stated by the Energy Minister, Mr. Peter Amewu has had its accounts unfrozen. 

As if that is not enough, PDS has found its way through the back-door to continue its operations with a so called agreement with ECG; such hunky-punky!!

We demand the publication of this agreement and its conditions thereof if government truly seeks to unravel the truth and want to be transparent to its citizens, which it must

I wish to join well meaning Ghanaians home and abroad including some NPP members of parliament who have demonstrated patriotism to the Nation by calling on Government to ensure that an independent and professional body is mandated to conduct this investigation, the only known way through which the outcome will be trusted.

Anything short of this will only amount to a total rejection by the good people of Ghana who have been ‘showered’ with one too many scandals in this two and a half year old administration of the governing NPP led by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who has earned for himself the title of ‘clearing agent’ owing to the speed with which he is quick to ‘play central defense’ for his team anytime a scandal rocks the team. 

One can confidently State now that the time under this government’s reign so far is CORRUPTION O’CLOCK!

Enough of the deception and cover ups, Ghanaians are intelligent and smart enough, we deserve better. This is certainly not the COMPETENT ALTERNATIVE promised us

Thank you.


(Former Deputy Minister of Energy & Petroleum)

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