“Interpol Notice”: Martin Amidu desperate, was ignored by British authorities – Lawyer Tamakloe

A private legal practitioner Edudzi Tamakloe is alleging that the much-discussed “Interpol Red Notice” is a desperate move by the Office of the Special Prosecutor to salvage what is left of the “Airbus case” after he was ignored by British Authorities.

Martin Amidu wrote to the British authorities requesting for information on the investigations that led to the deferred agreed judgment by the British Court.

It is understood that the Special Prosecutor’s Office was seeking disclosures of the identities of public officials and intermediaries that were not named in the judgment.

Edudzi Tamakloe however told Sena Nombo on the Gold Power Drive, the British authorities ignored Martin Amidu’s request.

The London Court in the judgment held the opinion that it could not name any individual because they had not been given a fair hearing hence the use of “intermediary” and “government official” to describe the alleged persons.

Lawyer Tamakloe said the latest move by the Special Prosecutor is aimed at arresting Samuel Adam Foster who is named as a fugitive in the purported notice in the hope that he will provide the names he needs to advance government’s agenda.

This, he said is part of desperate efforts which is exposing the Special Prosecutor whose claimed Interpol Red notice is failing the test of scrutiny.

President Akufo-Addo has tasked the Office of the Special Prosecutor with uncovering the fine details of the judgment of a London Court alleging underhand dealings in the procurement of three aircrafts for Ghana’s military.

The court in the judgment found that Airbus contracted an intermediary company to give it an upper hand in moves to secure the contract for the delivery of the aircrafts.

Story by: Sena Nombo/Radiogoldlive.com

Sena Nombo | Radiogoldlive.com

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