No cool heads to study or teach: conduct mass testing for COVID or allow us go home – NAGRAT Veep

A Vice President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) Jacob Anaba says the association would be meeting to consider its next plan of action in the wake of the fast spread of COVID-19 on the campuses of the various Senior High Schools (SHS).

Mawuli Senior High School is the latest school to announce the spread of COVID-19 on its campus.

The school joins the growing list of school to have recorded symptomatic cases of the disease at a time when the various campuses of SHSs have been converted into Voter registration centers.

Jacob Anaba told Sena Nombo on the Gold Power Drive, government must either undertake mass testing of everyone on the various SHS campuses or allow everyone to go home.

He said government would have been in a better situation to contain the situation on the campuses if it had listen to NAGRAT and the other teacher Unions.

The Teacher Unions demanded that government tested students, teaching and non-teaching staff before allowing them onto the various campuses but government dismissed the proposal as unnecessary.

Jacob Anaba believes school and health authorities would have been in a better position to contain the spread if they had conducted the mass testing because they would have identified carriers of the virus and isolated them before they started spreading it.

He says government has to reconsider its stance and allow for mass testing or be ready to close the schools.

When asked if allowing the students back to school would not speed up the community spread, Jacob Anaba said such a situation can be dealt with by encouraging every family to isolate their wards once they return home.

He revealed that the spread of the virus on the campuses has created a fear and panic environment that is making it possible for the cool heads that was needed for the teaching and studying to thrive.

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