Afadzato South DCE aims to change the story of the district with its multi-million dollar tourism potential

The Afadzato South district is among the youngest districts in the Volta region but its potential has never been in doubt

In spite of its huge tourism potentials that can make the district the envy of its peers, the Afadzato district has the undesirable reputation of being one of the poorest economies in the region.

How a district with a multimillion-dollar tourism industry could be one of the poorest remains an enigma.

Afadzato South is home of the highest mountain in Ghana from which it took its name, it has more than 10 waterfalls among which are the Tagbo Falls, the Tizor Falls, the Ayafie falls, the Akpom Falls and the Aflabo falls.

The huge superimposing Akwapim – Togo range to the east of the district gives it a unique outlook alongside its several rock formations, scarps, cliffs, caves etc.

This unique district can boast of the only snake zoo in Ghana, a limestone cave in which the Stalactite and Stalagmite have joined to form a limestone pillar at Logba Tota, the only geographical feature of its kind found in Ghana, it has the most popular Monkey Sanctuary in Ghana at Tafi Atome, the only place where one can find the TRUE MONA MONKEYS.

But all this is about to change as the new District chief Executive Etornam James Flolu has made a personal commitment to ensure the tourism in the district receives the needed attention to stimulate growth and increase the revenue base of the district.

Addressing newly elected Assembly members at the inauguration of the 3rd Assembly of the district last week, the DCE, Etornam James Flolu urged the new assemblymen to make the development of tourism a priority.

He is ready to show the way

Hon Flolu believes that with the potential the district, all that was required was an all hands on deck approach and the district would become a model, an envy of other districts in the country.

The Afadzato South District is bordered to the east by the republic of Togo and Ho West, to the north by Hohoe Municipality, to the west by Kpando and north Dayi and to the south by South Dayi.

Although it is ethnically diverse, the district remains one of the most peaceful with the various ethnic groups – a blend of ewes and guans – co-existing harmoniously.

The diversity in language, culture and creed are in themselves a unique attraction.

Story: Gloria Afetor/

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