“Accompany me to funeral” lands Krachi East NDC executive in police custody; friend accuses him of registering as foreigner

All he sought was the company of a good friend but may have mulling over the famous Ghanaian saying “some friends are dangerous.”

As is popularly done in our jurisdiction, the first person you inform whenever you are bereaved is your bossom friend, someone you will like to comfortably share your grief.

A typical Ghanaian will follow this up with an invitation to this friend to accompany him to the funeral.

This, popular practice has landed the Krachi East Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the NDC into big trouble with the law as he faces the law court for allegedly registering as a foreigner.

Acting Oti Regional Secretary of the NDC Yakubu Gado who narrated the incident to Sena Nombo on the Gold Power Drive, said the Zongo Caucus Coordinator had lost a relative who was based in Togo and asked a man he considered a “friend” to accompany him to the funeral.

He said upon their return the NDC Zongo Caucus Coordinator went to a designated center to register to vote in the December elections.

The NDC Zongo Caucus Coordinator was however left in shock when his “friend” who is an NPP member challenged his illegibility for the exercise.

According to this “friend”, the NDC Zongo Caucus Coordinator hailed from Togo hence was a foreigner and could not register.

His evidence was that he accompanied the NDC Zongo Caucus Coordinator to a relative’s funeral in Togo hence cannot be Ghanaian.

The Oti Region NDC Secretary said his party’s Zongo Caucus Coordinator in Krachi East was handcuffed by the security at the registration and whisked away into police detention.

He said the NDC Zongo Caucus Coordinator has since been arraigned and faces the prospect of a jail term for registering as a foreigner all because he asked a friend to accompany him to a funeral.

Story: Sena Nombo/Radiogoldlive.com                   


Sena Nombo | Radiogoldlive.com

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