ROPAA: stakes are too high, consult every Ghanaian Diaspora group – NDC Pro Forum North America to EC

A pro-opposition group, NDC’s Professionals Forum North America is questioning the scope of consultations with the diaspora as it prepares to implement the Representation of the Peoples Amendment Act (ROPAA).

According to the group, any process of consultations with the diaspora must be all inclusive and involve all interest groups in the Ghanaian diaspora.

The NDC Pro Forum North America’s caution comes in the wake of the failure of the EC to formulate agreeable modalities to regulate the implementation of ROPAA.

The group believes any such modality must include detailed inputs from the diaspora but is concerned about the groups which the EC will consult as the diaspora.

This is contained in a statement issued by the President of the NDC Pro Forum North America Arnold Appiah.

The group said the EC has to be detailed and all encompassing in deciding which groups take part in the consultation process because of the abundance of interest groups in the Ghanaian diaspora.

“The NDC Professional Forum-North America wish to remind the EC that, in this all-important matter of implementing ROPAA, the stakes are high, and interest groups in the diaspora cannot be overlooked. Openness and inclusiveness must guide their decisions to ensure credibility. Too many interest groups exist in the diaspora for the EC to engage in this sensitive process,” the group.

The NDC Pro Forum North America has therefore indicated its readiness to resist any attempt by the Jean Mensah led EC to skew the consultation in favour of some selected interest groups.

“Any attempt to foist skewed implementation processes on us will be vehemently resisted. They should allow reason to prevail at the onset,” the statement indicated.

The group also cautioned the EC against limiting the consultations to diasporan groups affiliated to the two major political parties, the NDC and NPP.

“We need to know who form the supposed diaspora community; not just political groupings such as NDC and NPP that “will work out and present tangible position paper towards the implementation of the law,” as quoted to have been said by a presidential appointee at a stakeholder’s engagement,” the forum stated.

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